Saturday, 28 March 2015

Finding Nemo
Thomas Newman, 2003


  1. There should've been more:
    1. Marlin and Coral
    2. I promise, I will never let anything happen to you: Nemo.
    3. Marlin and Nemo holding fins together (not from the movie)
    4. Marlin and Dory looking at each other (the screenshot that's not from the movie)
    5. Bruce chasing Marlin and Dory (screenshot not from the movie)
    6. Nemo meeting the tank gang (screenshot not from the movie)
    7. Anglerfish
    8. (Marlin: No one in this ocean is gonna help me. Dory: Well, I'm helping you.)
    8. Marlin and Dory waving at the Moonfish (also not from the movie)
    9. Dory pokes the jellyfish while Marlin is scared (also not from the movie. Move Marlin a bit)
    10. Marlin, Dory, Crush and Squirt
    11. Dory speaks whale while Marlin is bored looking at her with the whale behind (also not from the movie)
    12. Marlin and Dory inside the whale (maybe choose the part where Dory confronts Marlin)
    13. Marlin, Dory and Nigel escape from the seagulls (screenshot not from the movie)
    14. Dory trying to get Marlin to stay
    15. Marlin and Nemo reunite
    16. Marlin and Dory looking at Nemo after the net breaks
    17. (Dory: Bye, Elmo! Marlin: Nemo. Dory: Nemo!)
    18. Marlin and Nemo hug

    1. Why have you listed random screenshots and quotes from the movie? I make the covers that I want to make using the images that I want to use. You have no right to tell me what I should or should not have done.

  2. 3 reasons why this cover stinks:
    1. The font you used is stupid, looks nothing like "Gill Sans Ultra Bold"
    2. Dory and Nemo are missing
    3. The teaser is NOT important, the DVD poster IS

    1. Ok, what exactly is your problem? I'm just laughing at this point. Genuinely confused, but also quite amused.